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Pump of Hope

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Promotion of solar pumps in place of diesel pumps in salt production by small salt producers.

Programme Components:

The project includes providing interest free bridge loan to small salt producers (agariyas) to install solar plump in place of diesel pump provided under Government programme.

VIKAS over last four years have helped 365 agariyas in installation of solar pump and access total Government subsidy to the tune of Rs. 6.93 Cr. Each salt producer saves Rs.1,00,000 each every year in diesel costs i.e. 3.65 Cr per year.

Total Revolving fund: Rs. 1.60 Cr.

Duration: 60 months: starting October 2016

Supported by:

  1. Association for India’s Development - AID, USA

  2. GACL Education Society

  3. GETCO Ltd.

  4. Rajaratna Foundation

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