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Women Empowerment and village infrastructure development in Dahej Region

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Program Components

  1. Women Empowerment: Savings linked credit programme in 12 villages around Vav-Vadala village. Under the programme 317 women have formed 23 selfhelp groups and collectively saved Rs. 5,44,000/-. The credit to tune of Rs.1,75,000 is given to 23 women for consumption, health and livelihood purpose. The programme also included distribution of 50 sewing machines to women members to enhance livelihoods.

  2. Vadala village Development: Paving of main village road and roadside plantation with fencing.

  3. Plantation in school compound: Planting and nurturing 500 plants in School at Vav village.

  4. Greenbelt development: Plantation of 1,000 trees around Lubrizol production facility on GIDC land

  5. COVID -19 awareness programme: The programme included awareness generation and distribution COVID-19 kit including mask, sanitizer, hand-wash, sanitary napkins and soap to 1,000 families in five villages.

Total Budget: Rs. 62.45 Lakh

Duration: 12 months starting April 2020

Supported by: Lubrizol Advance Materials India Pvt. Ltd.

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