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HARSH – Clean, Green and Healthy Villages, in Dahej Region

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

Program Components

  1. Bio Shield:

Multilayer plantation along the 2km length of estuary at Suva village. The land is at the mouth of Narmada river. The project includes plantation of 30,000 mangroves towards the sea side and 66,000 of Pliu plants towards the landward side. The purpose is to address the issues of soil erosion and salinity ingress as well as enhance biodiversity in the region.

  1. Solid Waste Management:

The project includes house to house collection, transportation and processing of domestic waste (dry & wet) in 20 villages covering 4800 families.

  1. Construction of Toilets:

The project involves construction of 1,000 toilets with 25% local contribution in 38 villages.

Total Budget: Rs. 4.16 Cr.

Duration: 36 months starting August 2018

Supported by: GACL Education Society, a CSR unit of GACL, Vadodara.

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